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  • From The Purıty Of Water

    To The Infinity Of Dreams

  • A Specıal Lıfe

    In The Arms Of Green

  • Grande Amore

    Wellness Like The Infinite Sky

  • An Epıc Love

    Written By Cypresses

  • Glowıng Fire Of


Grande Amore Swan

Grande Amore

We are inspired by the gracefulness of a swan swimming in the water without leaving a single bubble or wavelet, that is, not damaging the environment in which it lives; we build our mansions without damaging the natural heritage of thousands of years. We did not cut down even a single tree.

We are inspired by the swans, the symbol of love, that dedicate their beings to a lifelong love while choosing their spouses; we dream the greatest love that shivering everyone’s heart and turn this magic into the architecture.

Just like every artist, when we create our work of art, our priority is to present an aesthetic beauty to the future; our concern about getting credits for today is of secondary importance.



For thousands of years, human beings have embraced the heart as the symbol of love. Heart is comprised of chambers. Circulating through the entire body and going on a journey in our veins for miles and miles, blood sees the heart as its home and eventually returns to it. Inspired by this anatomy, BTA Group brings together heart and love in Grande Amore Mansions. To the greatest loves!

We are the nature, the nature is us!

There is no corresponding word for "nature" in the languages of Indians and of some indigenous tribes living in the farthest corners of the world. These tribes did not produce or derive any words in their languages for the word "nature" which is used by the English as “nature”, by the Germans as “natur” or by the Italians as “natura”. Because, they have seen the “nature” as something within themselves, not a separate thing, so they didn’t need to try labeling the “nature” as if it were another concept.
Therefore, based upon our motto “We are the nature, nature is us,” we do not use the word “nature”. Grande Amore; is grateful to the beautiful world that embrace us with its all existence.

Gratitude to Mother Earth...

Grande Amore; supported the expansion of green field by planting saplings in the forest located in TEMA Foundation's Denizli Sundurlu district in order to make a little contribution to its inspiration, Mother Earth.

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